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Neurodiversity-affirming, integrative, somatic therapy for couples, families and individuals in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Hi, I’m Mariah Morris (she/her/hers).

As a Gig Harbor, WA-based neurodivergent person, clinician and mother, I am passionate about helping people live happier, more connected lives through integrative somatic relational healing (e.g., working to create embodied harmony in our thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs and relationships). Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your experience with your partner, your family, or yourself, I bring the knowledge and empathy to help you create change in complex situations.

Therapy Services

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We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t understand or enjoy. Past events and relationships shape how our nervous systems respond to present day experiences, which can feel overwhelming. We’ll work with your mind, body, and emotions, at your pace, to move from discomfort to harmony. For neurodivergent folks, this is a safe space to discover your unique wiring and way of being.


We all want to connect and belong, to turn to our partners for comfort, care, and shared joy. Life is busy, patterns get established without us realizing it, and before we know it, we don’t recognize ourselves or our relationships. I help couples communicate in a different way-from their hearts, not their protections.


There is beauty in the unexpected…until the chaos becomes more than we can comfortably hold. Parenting style conflicts, neurodiversity, sibling dynamics, sociocultural expectations, lack of time, support and resources…it’s all very real. I am here to help you move together, from chaos to compassionate, regulated, relating.

Why Wellbeing?

Often times, people seek out therapy as a way to alleviate the pain they are feeling, believing that “absence of pain” is the best they can hope for. I respectfully disagree. I believe we are all capable of living a present, embodied, connected, life filled with moments of startling joy and breathtaking awe. This is my goal for you, for me, for all of us… a life grounded in wellbeing.

Increase Regulation

Learn to detect when you are getting activated and leaving your window of tolerance (e.g., losing control, having a panic attack, acting aggressively, etc.). Develop a toolbox of ways to calm yourself down and return to a feeling of safety and connection.

Improve Relationships

Become aware of your patterns of interaction, noticing how you get activated, the stories you tell yourself unconsciously, and the pain you’re protecting yourself from. From there, we learn to do it differently.

Build Internal Harmony

Get to know your internal world, including the parts of you that protect you from feeling pain, the core “you”, and ultimately embrace and heal the younger, aching, versions of yourself.

Feel Better

Learning to be with self and others in a new way brings a feeling of control, safety and lightness to everyday life. Symptoms decrease as protections are no longer needed and memories are not as charged.


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I was struggling with such intense anxiety that I couldn't make it through my workday and had all but shut out my wife and daughter. Mariah helped me get in touch with the parts of myself that use anxiety and stress to prevent my trauma from surfacing. Over time, we healed those childhood wounds and I am, literally, a new person.
-Grateful in Gig Harbor
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When we found Mariah, my husband had moved out of our house. We came to counseling to figure out if we could stay together or else learn how to respectfully co-parent our two neurodivergent kids. She helped us slow down, understand the feelings underneath the things we fight about, and actually talk instead of just getting louder. It's not always easy, but we know there is another way, even when we forget in the moment.
- Thankful in Tacoma
I brought our family into therapy because I just couldn't take it anymore. We have two young Autistic and ADHD (AuDHD) kids, I'm highly-sensitive, and my husband is always exhausted. We weren't being the parents we wanted to be and I constantly felt ashamed that I didn't want to be with my kids. Mariah got to know our family and really respected what we could and couldn't do. She taught us how to regulate and recharge ourselves, our kids, and aligned on ways to parent. She mixed play therapy and talk therapy so every session was fun and different.
-Beaming in Bremerton

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