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Individual Therapy

Individual work is all about you. You can bring in areas you’d like to work on for each session or we can see where the conversation leads us. Every time we meet, I attune to your nervous system and meet you where you are, informed by awareness of your goals and your window of tolerance in this moment. 

Practically, this can look like celebrating success, processing recent events, connecting dots about symptom activators, getting to know yourself, working to lower the charge on distressing memories, developing emotional regulation tools, experiencing mindful, guided meditations and movements, working on your habits, sleep, and nutrition, walking in nature…the options are limitless. 


During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss what’s bringing you into therapy at this time and what change you’d like to experience. We’ll go over your background in as much detail as is comfortable for you, discuss goals, get to know each other, and how we might work together.

$160 for 60 minutes

Follow-Up Sessions

We will jointly determine the schedule that works best for your time, energy, and budget. Some folks like to meet weekly for an hour, others prefer to meet for 45 minutes one week and 75 the next. Whatever makes sense for you, that’s what we’ll do.

$120 for 45 mins, $160 for 60 mins, $200 for 75 mins

Couple and Family Therapy

Couples and families have more voices to be heard, more nervous systems to map and regulate and, as such, require session times that are a little longer than individual work.

I work from an Emotionally-Focused Therapy framework with both couples and families. This means we will work to understand patterns, the positions and defenses we use to protect our feelings in these moments, and learn to have conversations in a different way. I tailor each session to include parts work, somatics, or neurodivergence-informed modifications as desired.

For families with young children, we can blend child-centered play therapy into our family sessions to enter the world from the child’s eyes, including techniques such as sand tray, mindfulness, yoga, sensory preferences, art and regulation strategies. For neurodivergent kiddos, I frequently leverage the AutPlay framework and tools.

Couple Therapy

We begin by meeting together to understand what’s bringing you into therapy, your goals, and to get to know each other. Then, I will meet individually with each of you to understand your background and relational history. Thereafter, if indicated, we meet together to begin couples’ work.

photo of couple standing beside the wall

Family Therapy

Our first session will be just with the parents, so that we can map the current issues and goals without children present. Then, we’ll all meet together to observe the family dynamics. After that, we’ll structure who joins the sessions based on the overall goals, availability, and current needs and issues.

woman with brown baby carrier and little kid in white jacket

$160 for 60 minutes, $200 for 75 minutes, $240 for 90 minutes

Check Ins & Group Therapy

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Therapy can be expensive, and not everyone needs or wants a regularly-scheduled, dedicated session. As such, I offer two lower-cost formats: Check-Ins and Groups

Check Ins

For established clients who don’t need recurring appointments but want to have a check-in for emotional connection, sharing updates, or processing a recent issue, I offer 30-minute on-demand slots as my schedule allows.

$80 for 30 minutes


Groups are structured around topics, such as grief/loss, infertility, neurodiversity, and affinity groups, such as women, mothers, cultures, etc. Groups are limited to 6-8 participants. Please inquire for current availability.

$40 per 90-minute session


For clients who know they want an ongoing engagement, prefer to reserve their session times in advance, and are interested in prepaying to receive a discount, I offer session packages.



Prepaid, non-refundable, discounted session bundles. All sessions in bundle must be of same duration.

8 sessions: 5% discount

12 sessions: 7.5% discount

16 sessions: 10% discount

Common Questions

The first step is to reach out and schedule a free consultation. We’ll chat for around 20 minutes about your concerns and my approach and see if we’re a fit. If so, we’ll book our first session and I will send you a link to the secure client portal where you can complete the pre-session intake paperwork.

My Master’s program was in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT). The MFT is a specialized graduate degree that focuses on understanding problems through a lens of context and relationships. My program included two years of coursework and a year of clinical internship working with clients under supervision.

MFTs believe that the discomfort you are experiencing is a function of how your unique combination of nervous system wiring, lived experience and current environment is impacting you. This is in contrast to the medical model of psychopathology which believes the problems originate inside of you. 

MFTs are specifically trained to work with the complexity of multi-person systems, such as couples and families, which is why I use the term “relational” or “relationship” therapist.

Additionally, because everything I do is based in interpersonal neurobiology (e.g., how our nervous systems are wired and how our bodies process and store experiences), I work from a body-based, or “somatic” lens. 

Each client process is completely unique. While I have been trained in multiple evidence-based models, the “how” of your sessions is something we will decide together. I view myself as your guide on this process- knowing the theory in my head and holding space for you in my heart. The path you walk, and the pace at which you walk it, is up to you.

In addition to my current client work as Marriage and Family Therapy Clinical Intern, I have accumulated over 25 years of experience working with people and problems since I received my BS in Psychology in 1999. 

I worked with thousands of couples on intimacy and communication during my 10 years as Founder and CEO of The Fantasy Box. 

I coached individual executives on leadership development and analyzed complex client systems for 5 years as a management and leadership consultant with Heidrick & Struggles and McKinsey & Co., two of the premier leadership firms in the world.

I’ve employed somatic methods for regulation in my work as a doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with additional certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. I became a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation, and Ayurvedic Nutrition Coach in 2020. 

Cancellations that occur within 24 hours of session start times will be billed at the full amount. 

While unforeseen events occur, if there is a pattern of cancelling scheduled appointments regularly, we will discuss our ongoing relationship.

My practice is intentionally small and slow, so that I can give my full energy and attention to preparing for your session by reviewing prior work and the latest research, writing up thorough notes, and grounding myself energetically.

Because I invest so much time in preparing for our work together, I only keep people in my practice who reciprocate that level of respect.

All clients will receive access to our secure client portal. The portal will enable you to book new appointments and cancel or reschedule existing appointments. All payments are managed automatically through the portal, which is why the 24 hour cancellation deadline is strictly enforced.

Because I do not believe in individual pathology, I am not in-network with any  insurance plans.

Insurance reimbursement requires that clinicians issue a diagnosis that becomes part of your permanent medical record. A treatment plan that is accepted practice for treating that diagnosis is then required, and session content that flows from the treatment plan. 

Our work together will not be defined by this linear model of diagnosis>treatment>sessions. It will be guided by your goals, tailored to the rhythm of your life, and adjusted based on the state of each person’s nervous system and concerns.

I offer a Superbill, which will itemize the number of psychotherapy sessions and the amount paid. You can use this to seek out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance or HSA provider.

I accept all major credit and debit cards. Your payment method will be kept on file in your client portal account during the registration process.

I am generally available on Monday-Thursday from 9:30am to 5:30pm. 

For therapy, I offer in-person visits in Gig Harbor, WA and telehealth visits for residents of Washington State. For coaching services, such as career counseling, executive development, entrepreneurship guidance, etc, I am able to work without geographic restrictions. Please reach out and I’d be happy to discuss your situation and how we might work together.

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