Parenting a Highly-Sensitive Person

woman with brown baby carrier and little kid in white jacket

Parenting a highly-sensitive kiddo is an opportunity to slow down and learn about your child as a whole, complete and unique individual who deserves your respect.

Fertility Is Not a Meritocracy

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A quick spin through my four-year battle with infertility, including how I healed emotionally and physically during the gauntlet and after the birth of our son.

How I Became A Sex Entrepreneur

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The road to self-belief and starting The Fantasy Box was paved with self-doubt, fear of failure, judgment and a deal with my Inner Critic. Good news is that it ended well :)

Can Learning Be A Bad Thing?

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Procrasti-Learning is a tactic many insecure overachievers use to delay taking the next step in implementing a change. Just one more course, one more credential…then I’ll be worthy. Does this sound like you?

Morning Self-Care Rituals


My morning self-care rituals are based on the traditional Ayurvedic dinacharya, daily routine. It’s a beautiful time that I carve out to nourish my body, mind and spirit.

Checking In With Your Self

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Establishing a daily ritual to check in with the four dimensions of wellbeing- physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual- can elevate your self-care and call in energetic support in areas you are feeling out of balance.

What Is Internal Family Systems?

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Internal Family Systems is a way of conceptualizing our inner landscape. IFS believes each person has a core Self and a host of “parts.” Many parts perform roles to protect other vulnerable or wounded parts from being activated and emotionally overwhelming the system.

Creating a You Space

woman reading book in bathtub during spa procedures

Four steps to creating a space that refreshes, restores, renews and recharges your best energy.