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Somatic relational Therapist in Gig Harbor, WA

Every person’s lived experience is unique, so while the foundation of my work is based in interpersonal neurobiology (the interplay between mind, body, and relationships), what your goals are and how we work towards them is a path we build together. 

For example, you may start with talking about the present and slowly opening into the past as we build trust and a felt sense of safety. You may enjoy “going inside” and learning about your parts of self, or you may prefer integrating troubling memories so they hold less emotional charge. 

Couples  may wish to break free of their negative interactional patterns and where they get “stuck,” have guided explorations of recurring issues such as finances, intimacy and parenting styles, and/or work towards a truly connected, trusting partnership.

Parents may prioritize organizing the overwhelm, learning parenting strategies, aligning on an approach towards discipline, learning to regulate themselves and their kids, understanding neurodivergence or experiencing the world through their child’s eyes through play therapy.

We can do some, none, or all of the above. I love this work and have  read all the books and studied all the things so that I can meet you wherever you are and walk the path towards wellbeing alongside you.

Education & Credentials

Master of Science (MS) in Marriage and Family Therapy

Capella University

Marriage & Family Therapy Honor Society, 4.0 GPA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship

University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of Business

President of Student Body, Haas Merit Scholar

Bachelor of Science (BS) with Honors in Psychology

University of California at Davis

Regents’ Scholar

Training & Certifications

Internal Family Systems

IFS is a therapeutic modality developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz. IFS therapists guide individuals through the process of building relationships with their internal protective and wounded parts of self. I have completed the following programs:

  • IFS Online Circle (IFS Institute)
  • Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFS Institute)
  • Somatic IFS (The Embody Lab)

Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy

EFT for Couples was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT leverages attachment science and careful research to develop a process that results in reduced relational distress in over 85% of couples. I have completed the following programs:

  • EFT Externship (ICEEFT)
  • EFT Core Skills (ICEEFT)

Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy

EFT for Families was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson alongside her colleagues. Like EFT for Couples, EFFT leverages attachment science and can be combined with various play therapy models for working with families with young children. I have completed the following programs:

  • EFFT for Families with Young Children (EFFT.org)

Somatic EMDR

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) was developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro. It leverages bilateral stimulation (BLS) to bring both sides of the brain online at the same time- logical and emotional- to allow revisiting and integration of traumatic memories to decrease their emotional charge.  Somatic EMDR leverages the traditional EMDR but incorporates more flexibility for types of BLS and somatic experience tracking, I have completed the following programs:

  • Somatic EMDR Practitioner Certification (The Embody Lab)


AutPlay is a framework created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant for working with neurodivergent children and their families. AutPlay leverages seminal play therapy theories and combines them with systems theories to deliver neurodiversity-affirming therapy with parents and kiddos. I have completed the following programs:

  • AutPlay Therapy Clinic Certification
  • Using Sandtrays with Autistic Children and Adolescents
  • Creating a Sensory-Affirming  Office and Playroom

Sand Tray

Sand Tray is a therapeutic modality developed by Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld. Sand Tray enables young children (and adults) to express and process their inner worlds and psychological dilemmas in a “world” they create using sand and miniature figurines. I have completed the following programs:

  • Integrating Sandtray Into your Clinical Practice
  • Using Sandtrays with Autistic Children and Adolescents


Yoga, which means unity, is more than the physical practice (asana). It is a process for achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit. I have completed the following programs:

  • 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Specializations in Trauma-Informed Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga Nidra
  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Coach


Ayurveda, which means “science of life” is the sister science of yoga. Originated in India thousands of years ago, an Ayurvedic lifestyle provides a map  for a rhythm of living, ingesting and digesting with a focus on increasing health and happiness. I have completed the following programs:

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition Certificate 
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner Training
“ My mission is to help people reside in a state of wellbeing, of contented harmony inside themselves and with their loved ones. ”
Mariah Morris

Additional Experience

lighted candle lot
I dedicated a decade to creating in-home date night experiences for couples to increase communication, decrease fear of judgment, and deepen intimate connection.
The Fantasy Box
CEO, 2012-2022
I served as a volunteer doula and Certified Location Counselor in a hospital-based birthing center. I was called in to meet and assist women in active labor in whatever ways they needed. I attended the births of many of my best friends and helped initiate and work through lactation concerns.
Doula & Certified Lactation Counselor
Sutter Davis Hospital, 2019-2022
I held various corporate roles in Finance, Management Consulting and Leadership Development in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Charles Schwab Institutional, McKinsey & Company, Heidrick & Struggles
1999-2007, 2009-2012, 2012-2014

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