The Basics

I heard the absolute best term the other day…which maybe that means I am late to the game or had been living in denial, but I digress…

The term is procrasti-learning…which is basically avoiding taking the next step in your business by taking another training, getting another certification, or reading another book. It’s essentially the go-to move for the insecure overachiever who loves learning…a club to which many of us, including myself, belong.

The Effects

The best thing about the term is that it names a behavior I’ve often experienced in response to many of my parts being activated. When the part of me that loves change and adventure comes up with a new idea, like for example, a new business…the parts of me that are desperately afraid of public failure and would die on the sword to protect my external validation and sense of worthiness throw up a learning opportunity. This excites the parts of me that love to learn, even though they usually side with the adventure/change parts. So, pretty soon, more parts are leaning into the learning and the actual doing gets pushed down the priority list.

Honestly, I might never have actually gotten the Evergreen Wellbeing website built if I hadn’t heard this term and realized that the multi-year courses I have registered for to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner (e.g. to be able to prescribe herbs and alternative medicine) and a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist (e.g., to be able to use yoga in hospital settings to treat specific conditions like cancer, post-surgical rehabilitation and memory loss) could wait a little bit. Haha.

Similarly, on the path of moving to Brazil and later building The Fantasy Box, I had a very deliberate conversation with my Inner Critic part that allowed me to step confidently into the unknown without a lot of credentials, expertise or proof of concept. You can read more about that personal evolution here.

What It Means For You

I thought this concept of Procrasti-Learning merited its own blog post because I thought it might be something useful for you, fellow entrepreneur, to take a look at in your own internal environment. The truth is that there will never be a time when the parts of you that are fearful for your image to say it’s a good idea to take a risk. Their job is to protect you, to minimize risk. Ask yourself honestly if you took this next course, or the next one, would you then feel fully confident, secure and ready to move to the next implementation step? My guess is that the answer is likely “no.”

I’m going to challenge you to see what you can do with what you have today. If you have an idea that fulfills the entrepreneurial trifecta- something you love, something you are good at, something you can make money doing- then what is standing in your way? Looking at resourcing and making a plan is a good idea…I’m not saying to dive in without knowing the depth of the water…but just don’t let your parts be the primary barrier.

I absolutely love talking about business, ideas and feasibility. If you’re looking for a sounding board and some guidance from someone who spent 10+ years founding, building, running and selling a multi-million dollar business without external funding…you know where to find me 😊

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