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Global Sourcing

We are a professional and ethical Cosmeceutical sourcing company working with large organizations and niche brands alike. Based in the UK, we are well positioned to serve our international customers with partner manufacturing facilities and development offices in South Korea.

Research and Development

Evergreen Health has secured R&D facilities with advanced production technology for a range of ODM /OEM projects. Products include basic skin care, problem skin solutions, pore tightening toners, and anti-aging serums. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Testing Compliance

All of our formulations conform to strict ingredient and labeling policies laid down in the EU Cosmetics Directive [76/768/EEC , as amended; Article 7a, Subsection (d)], and the SCCP’s Notes of Guidance for the Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Safety Evaluation (6th Revision).

Packaging Design and Manufacture

Our experienced packaging development team are actively involved in all aspects of our customers’ product life cycles, from initial sourcing to final delivery. We source our packaging from worldwide based suppliers and pride ourselves on collaboratively working with these suppliers and our customers.

Ethical Policy

As the rest of the world now becomes more eco-conscious, we are already positioned to offer a comprehensive, ethical sourcing, manufacturing and delivery service in the UK and overseas. We strive for fair pay, good working conditions and sustainable and recyclable sourcing.

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